Instrument Rating Course

The Instrument Rating Course prepares the student for Instrument Rating (IR).

An IR qualifies a pilot to fly under IFR (Instrument Flight rules). It requires additional training and instruction beyond what is required for a Private Pilot License or commercial Pilot License, including rules and procedures specific to instrument flying, additional instruction in meteorology, and more intensive training in flight solely by reference to instruments.

In the Philippines, it is obtained by successfully completing the following:

  • IR ground schooling.
  • IR flight training in simulator and actual aircraft.
  • CAAP written examination.
  • Demonstration of flying skills to an examiner (checkpilot) during a flight test (checkride).

The most significant value of flying under IFR is the ability to fly in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) such as inside clouds.

Course duration is two (2) to three (3) months.