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Learn to fly, start a career in flying. Your aspirations are within reach at FAST Aviation Academy.

If you are looking to start a career in flying or simply wanting to learn how to fly, FAST Aviation Academy, Inc. can help you get started and have your aspirations within reach.

Established two decades ago, FAST Aviation Academy, Inc. has already trained hundreds of pilots, a number of them presently enjoying stable jobs in airlines and corporate aviation. Known for its intensive ground schooling, rigorous simulator & flight training, and uncompromising aircraft maintenance system, FAST Aviation Academy, Inc. is now a flight school of choice for pilot trainees both foreign and domestic. Through continuous improvement on safety and quality, we have established a reputation for efficient, reliable and robust training complemented by outstanding customer service.

At FAST Aviation Academy, Inc., you will benefit from our extensive experience training individuals coming from various cultural backgrounds with varying learning capabilities. Our flexibility in adopting and adjusting our method of teaching to benefit the student the most is something we are good at.

Call or email us to find out how close you are to fulfilling your dreams.